Our Factory
Our factory were 6000 square meters , we located in Dongguan City ,Hengli Town , Guangdong Province, which is the most developed economy area in China, having the most professional silicone manufacturing technique with high quality reputation.
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Our Certificate
As the industry leader, we establish production process and excute strictly according to the INTETEK food safety standard. None of our products have not passed the food safety standard test in the past 10 years, even though the olive oil test.
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Our Service
With 10 years development experience, we are always focus on the innovation, practicability and quality of silicone utensils, in order to develop and manufacture the most satisfied products for our esteemed customers.
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Invotive Advantages
  • Creativity

    Product innovation ability is one of the core advantages, more than 10 years focusing on silica gel tableware products, has a first-class R & D team and high-end equipment to ensure continuous innovation.
  • Development speed

    Development speed is also far ahead of other competitive participants in the same industry, stem from British establishment of an efficient plant management system.
  • Excellent quality

    In terms of raw material, the maincooperative partners include Wack, Rhodia, Dow Co rning, ShinEtsu, GE.Toshiba.After the control of the Yingshang professional production process, the product has excellent quality.
  • serve the world's 500 customer service

    As the authorised silicone product supplier for MacDonald and Coca-Cola in China, we already passed the factory audit from Disney, MacDonald, TARGET, Coca-Cola and SEDEX.
  • Explain the scope of application of column chromatography silica gel in detail?

    When talking about column chromatography silica gel, you may not be able to tell from its name what it is. In fact, column chromatography silica gel is also called chromatography medium. When it is produced, it is mainly made of high-quality silica gel as raw material, and it is a white powder with a certain particle size distribution range and high purity prepared by fine processing. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers of this product on the market. If you need more quantity, you must find a regular manufacturer to order it. Only in this way can the quality of column chromatography silica gel be guaranteed. Now this product is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, plant extract, biochemical and other industries.
  • What is a desiccant and what is its moisture absorption principle?

    Desiccant is a kind of water removing agent that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. Its drying principle is to physically adsorb water molecules in its own structure or chemically absorb water molecules and change its chemical structure to become another kind substance.
  • What is the use of chromatography silica gel?

    We alreaChromatography silica gel selects high-quality silica gel as raw material for processing. Its main feature is to achieve the purpose of separation and purification through the difference in the adsorption and storage time of the other components of the mixture. A colloidal system with solid characteristics, composed of colloidal particles that form an aggregated structure. Colloidal particles are polycondensates of silicon (polysilicic acid) in a hydrated state, and are amorphous substances. The spacing of the colloidal particle assembly forms the microporous structure inside the silicon particles of the reagent column layer. Therefore, it is a high-quality adsorption material with high specific surface area, high purity, high activity, and rich microporous structure.    Chromatographic silica gel separates substances based on their ability to absorb silicon. Generally speaking, substances with high polarity are easily adsorbed on silicon, and substances with weak polarity are not easily adsorbed on silicon. The whole layer analysis process is the process of adsorption, desorption, re-adsorption, and re-desorption. Silicon layer analysis is mainly used for the purification of petroleum products, the removal of aromatic substances, the separation and purification of the effective components of Chinese medicinal materials, and the preparation of high-purity substances.dy passed the factory audit from Disney, MacDonald, TARGET, Coca-Cola and SEDEX.
  • Talking about Several Skills of Chromatographic Silica Gel

    Chromatographic silica gel is generally called column chromatography, which is one of the most widely used methods in chromatography. For mixed samples containing multiple organic compounds, column chromatography can be said to be an effective separation method in organic experiments when they cannot be purified by recrystallization. The adsorption column commonly used in laboratories is silica gel and alumina as the stationary phase. The principle is to separate substances by the adsorption force of silica gel, but generally speaking, substances with high polarity are easy to be adsorbed by silica gel, and substances with weak polarity are difficult to be adsorbed by silica gel. The entire chromatographic process is a process of adsorption, desorption, re-adsorption, and re-desorption.