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Silicone utensils silicone kitchenware really safe to use

Some may ask why foreign silicone kitchen utensils in contact with food products, so rest assured? On this issue, the Anglo-dimensional silica gel Xiao Bian Road, a silicone utensils silicone kitchenware security issues:

In fact, this is their Country improve the product testing standards. Silicone rubber kitchen utensils in order to be marketed locally, they must comply with the relevant food-grade testing standards. Such as the U.S. FDA standards, European BFR standards, especially German food grade LFGB standard developed under the EU BFR almost is the world's most stringent food-grade testing standards.

Silicone rubber or silicone for our Chinese people, is a very strange thing. We obtained information on silicone rubber, almost all from the breast breast augmentation surgery. The silicone rubber infamous breast augmentation surgery gives totally kept these failures. Of course, there does not exist belittle or blame mean just want to tell you, breast augmentation with silicone prosthesis (specifically silica gel), and silicone rubber used in the manufacture of tableware (solid silicone rubber), are collectively referred to as "silica gel", but in fact the presence of both a very big difference. In the medical profession, silica gel after specific processing, can be used for medical various occasions.

Solid silicone rubber has been proved to be very healthy and safe silicone material. In Europe and the United States, stainless steel cake pan is increasingly being silicone rubber baking pan replaced and barbecue, is no longer using a brush, silicone rubber brush. Cream they use silicone rubber scraper spatula, silicone rubber membrane fresh food, even steamer is silicone rubber. However, we do not know is that they use in contact with food silicone products are Made in China.

According to incomplete statistics, China, silicone rubber used in the production of tableware per year more than 50,000 tons, 90% of these dishes are exported to Europe, while sales in our country is very poor. This very environmentally friendly and healthy materials, long-term lack of large-scale promotion of the use of even more important reason is that we rarely channels to understand this material, in addition to the relevant cautious by nature with us.

Here, you may still be able to imagine the silicone rubber is a kind of what kind of material. In fact, in our daily lives is often exposed to silicone products, but is easy to be ignored, such as baby bottles with teats and pressure cooker seals, silicone rubber used in these two areas is any other material can not be replaced ... There is reasonable With the development of technology and the increasing demand of the people's quality of life, silicone utensils safety standards will become better and better, we can be assured to use.