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Benefits of the Flexipan

by:Invotive     2020-07-18
This can be really disappointing if you are trying to cook for your family or host a dinner party with friends. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about these types of aggravating experiences anymore. With the invention of the innovative Flexipan, cooking and baking has become a much more enjoyable and simpler experience.
Flexipan is a blend of silicone and fiberglass bakeware and cookware available in a wide range of forms such as cake tins, baking trays, ring molds, tart molds, chocolate molds, cake forms, bread forms, muffin pans, and much more. By using Flexipan products, you will be able to remove your baked food without having it fall apart. As well, they are resistant to a wide range of temperatures so you can use it to bake in traditional ovens at +536 degrees Fahrenheit or freeze foods at -40A�C. They can also be used when cooking or baking with gas and electric stoves, and even the microwave.
Once cooked in Flexipan products, the baked goods will tumble easily out of the pan. The food will also not have any unpleasant bakeware taste. You can even keep such foods as mousses and ice cream in Flexipan bakeware. As well, another fantastic benefit of this bakeware is that there is no messy clean up. You just have to rinse off the mat after washing with warm water and dish detergent and it will be ready to be used for another cooking project. As well, Flexipan has an average life of about 2500 baking times. It is the only flexible bakeware designed with the ideal blend of woven fiberglass and food grade silicone which makes it perfect for browning and removing baked goods.
Another excellent benefit of using Flexipan pans and moulds is that it will save you a lot of money, especially if you do a lot of baking. By using this durable and long lasting bakeware, you will not have to be constantly buying new pans. These non-stick and flexible moulds allow you to easily and effortlessly cook a variety of entr?�es, side dishes, and desserts. There is no need for cooking spray, oil, or grease. It is a healthy way to cook your food and develop healthy eating practices for both you and your family.
Having the right bakeware is essential to making delicious and properly formed food. The FlexipanA� line of products are certified to meet the US regulations on food grade silicone, and are FDA, NSFA�, and Kosher certified. The versatility of Flexipan is a remarkable cooking achievement and makes this bakeware a must for every home and restaurant that require a reliable and easy to maintain flexible bakeware.
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