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Brief description of the classification of silicone

by:Invotive     2020-04-06
Friends who are familiar with silica gels know that there are differences in silicone raw materials, but what are the specific classifications of silicone? Here is a brief description of the classification of silicone raw materials, not only A and B. Silicone products we often say: 'This silicone product is food silicone? Ordinary silicone?', And customers often find some medical grade silicone. If you classify it in this way, silica gel is actually divided into platinum food-grade silica gel (that is, medical-grade silica gel) and ordinary silica gel, vapor-phase silica gel, and precipitation gel, and then some special silica gels; platinum food medical-grade silica gel is a class A silicone raw material. Silica gel belongs to the class B silicone material.
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