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Car Washing Equipment For Removing Dirt From Windows

by:Invotive     2020-08-04

Dirt collects fast on windshields and windows, which is the reason why these car parts should be cleaned on a regular basis. The old mop-and-soap method is no longer effective. If you want to achieve sparkling clean windows, use commercial car wash machines to remove dust, pollution, water stains, bugs, and other dirt.

Car windows are cleaned with two types of car wash machines. A steam vapor machine that uses dry vapor to soften grime, including light grease buildup. A machine with high pressure level removes carbonized dirt, something that steam vapor systems cannot do. Such high pressure machines clean the entire car surface.

While both types of car wash machines are indispensable to achieving perfect cleanliness, they have different applications.

Dry vapor machines

These car wash machines have low pressure levels. For commercial operations, you need machines that have pressure levels varying from 70 psi to 120 psi. Dry vapor systems are best suited for cleaning glass, as the high temperature and low moisture content in the steam may lead to car surface damage. These machines are also used for removing dirt, odors, allergens, and molds from car interiors, including the dashboard.

When purchasing dry vapor machines, check if they have the right warranties. Especially, look at the boiler warranty information. Dealers, who offer a lifetime warranty on the boiler, are generally preferred over dealers who offer zero or limited boiler warranties.

Pressure wash systems

A mobile car wash equipment should have two characteristics. These machines should be light and compact, should be wheeled, and should be easily trailer mountable. A mobile car wash business depends on portable, easy-to-transport, and efficient auto detailing machines for sustainability.

Some auto detailing machines have high pressure levels, between 700 psi and 1500 psi. Portable car wash machines can be either electricity powered or they can be powered by gas and propane. A car wash business usually prefers the electric machine, as it does not generate any fumes and has a noiseless motor.

However, a portable car wash machine that is not limited by the availability of electricity, such as a gasoline pressure wash machine, is also a good option. The only drawback is that these portable car wash machines generate fumes. However, a long hose should be able to take care of this problem as well.

Mobile best car wash machines should be water efficient. Usually, moderate flow rates of 2-3 gpm are quite acceptable. Some models feature even lower flow rates of 0.5 gpm. Water efficient machines reduce operational costs considerably and make the cleaning process less laborious. There is less need to set up expensive water traps for collecting waste water, reducing the water disposal costs.

Some of these auto pressure cleaning systems achieve temperatures as high as 330 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they also allow the option of using water at ordinary room temperature. This is very important, if you are removing lighter layers of dirt. Such a task does not need the use of heated water.

Car cleaning equipment should be efficient and portable, especially if you are purchasing them for mobile car washes. They should offer a range of advanced features aimed at reducing costs and raising productivity.

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