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Details of the process of silicone products

by:Invotive     2020-04-05
Injection (injection) process of silicone products The injection (injection) process of silicone products has high quality requirements. It is a combination of liquid silicone and plastic. Its products show good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, and will not produce toxic substances when burning. Therefore, it has become an irreplaceable material in the production design of health products, automobiles, baby products, medical supplies, diving supplies, kitchen appliances and seals. Extrusion process of silicone products Extrusion molding. Extruded silicone products are usually formed by extruding silicone rubber through an extrusion machine. Generally, the shape of the extruded silicone is long and the tube can be cut at will. shape. Silicone tube is widely used in medical and mechanical equipment fields. It can also be used as a buffer in packaging materials. Calendering process for silicone products Silicone rubber is kneaded and mixed with white carbon black, silicone oil, etc. to form a kneaded rubber, and then rolled out to form a sheet. Films produced by calendering have obvious differences in the physical and mechanical properties in the longitudinal and transverse directions. This phenomenon is the calendering effect. The specific manifestation is that the longitudinal tensile strength of the film is greater than the transverse direction, the transverse elongation of the film is greater than the longitudinal direction, and the longitudinal shrinkage of the film is greater than the transverse direction. The calendering effect is the result of the orientation of macromolecules and needle-like, flake-shaped compounding agents in the rubber compound during the calendering process. The magnitude of the rolling effect is related to the composition of the rubber, the rolling temperature, the speed, and the speed ratio. For larger products, such as silicone tablets, silicone plates. Silicone product infusion process The operation method of the filling mold or the filling mold: The filling mold or the filling mold is used for relatively smooth or simple products. There is no mold line to save time and labor. Put up the vacuumed silica gel directly onto the product. After the silica gel is dried and formed, take out the product and the mold is formed. (Note: The injection mold is generally made of soft silicone rubber, which is easier to remove. Will damage the product in the silicone mold). It is a combination of solid and liquid, using products such as mobile phone cases, luggage covers, etc. Coating process of silicone products Fast curing; strong adhesion; good fluidity and easy defoaming. Catalyzed by platinum complex, non-toxic and odorless; excellent thermal stability and cold resistance (using temperature -60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃) After molding, it has good air permeability, heat resistance and certain tensile strength; Excellent performance; no pollution; low hardness; firm glue bonding. High tear resistance; high transparency; good tensile properties. Wear-resistant, washable, and high-temperature resistant; high three-dimensional layer, fabric is smooth, soft, flexible, excellent texture, good elasticity, resistant to washing and dry cleaning. Applied to cloth, it has anti-aging effect. Such as silicone gloves, rain boots and so on.
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