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Development of silicone industry

Development of silicone industry


From the 18th century, began to invent silicone rubber to today's silicone industry to flourish, silicone industry has experienced from scratch, from simple to complex process. Silicone manufacturers now also mushroomed, not only overseas development years old enterprises, domestic enterprises are also emerging everywhere. Silicone is also classified in different ways according to different categories, the application range is from the beginning, only applies to aviation, military areasNow widely applied to electrical and electronics, textile, automobile, machinery, leather and paper, metal, paint, medicine and medical, matching appliances, electronics, toys, hardware, medical equipment, sporting goods, audio, lighting, machinery, automobile and other industries. Silicone products are also increasingly close and our lives, work linked.

Silicone relatively rapid development of the industry in China, as of 2014 will exceed the amount of silica gel to hundreds of tons. In the application of mobile phone sets of silicone products, since the phone constantly updated, the corresponding phone shell also update soon, so the demand for silica is relatively large. In the United States and Europe, silicone is widely used in cookware, since its non-toxic, environmentally friendly features. Throughout the country silicone manufacturers, production of product quality varied, most are low-end products, lack of innovation and design, mainly through the production of imitation products. Many manufacturers production environment is uneven, and there are many family-owned or in production.The resulting domestic silicone products less competitive in the international high-end products. Development of silicone products in the future will be more mature, future development will become increasingly segmented, high-end. Domestic enterprises strongly in what we need to make up for the lack of local high-end products, medical silicone products, particularly in the basic monopoly of foreign enterprises.

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