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Eczema Treatment - 6 Good Tips

by:Invotive     2020-08-02

Natural eczema treatments can be used in place of traditional methods. In most cases, natural eczema treatments are much more effective and can clear up eczema in just a few weeks time.

Epsom Salt - Epsom salts help remove dead skin from the surface of eczema. Use in warm bath water and soak your body in the solution. Apply natural oils afterwards for best results.

Coconut oil also has anti-inflammatory properties on top of its great moisturizing power. This is quite important especially in eczema because one of the most general and common symptoms of this skin disorder is skin inflammation. Generously apply pure coconut oil on the affected area especially before bedtime and you could use cold-compress for better results.

Normal soaps and cleaning products have a very harsh effect on skin already made extremely sensitive by eczema. You will have to discard any soap or cleanser that contains artificial perfumes and ingredients. You should not use a loofah as well, no matter how great the temptation to scratch yourself. Soak yourself in a warm oatmeal bath, making sure the water is not too hot. While you can get colloidal oatmeal products in stores, it would be better for you to just tie some oatmeal in a cloth and drop it into the bath.

For severe outbreaks, for natural eczema treatment applying cold compresses to the areas helps reduce inflammation and itching, for immediate relief. Because the disorder is thought to be caused by allergens, some people will find relief when they remove those allergens from their diet, by eliminating offending foods, or by reducing the environmental irritants, such as molds,dust and pet hairs.

Carrot and musk melon is particularly beneficial in cases of eczema. The should be taken three to four times daily reducing the intake later on and adding milk and curds. Muskmelon should be washed down with cow's milk. The combination of muskmelon and milk is not harmful as it is commonly supposed. Apply Aloe Vera gel after you finish your oatmeal bath to achieve quicker results. Elena's natural collection is also a popular healing agent and far better than steroid based products. You can also apply spearmint leaf juice to reduce eczema. Almond leaves are also useful in the treatment of eczema. Mash these leaves in water and apply evenly on the affected area. Mashed papaya seeds, when applied on the affected area, are also beneficial in alleviating this skin condition.

Avoid eating foods which contains acidic elements. Keep yourself away from excessive alcohol, tobacco, coffee, etc. which are proven to increase the internal bacterial infection. You can include green vegetables and fruits in your diet. Plus natural health supplements containing vitamin A, B and C are very effective to improve your immune system.

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