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Even Your Kids Can Use A Silpat Baking Mat

by:Invotive     2020-07-16
Teaching your children how to cook and bake is one of the most important lessons that you can pass on. When you have a kitchen that is outfitted with silicone bakeware and the Silpat baking mat, the job is even easier. Silpat baking mats allow your children to successfully create baked goods without sticking or even greasing the pans and cookie sheets.
Children learn how to bake by watching their parents. Bring the kids into the kitchen with you the next time you plan to make some wonderful baked goodies. This is a wonderful chance to teach your children how to bake while spending some fun time in the kitchen. Not only will you be giving your children some useful tips on how to bake, but you will also be creating some special memories as well.
The Silpat baking mat allows you to bake on a regular cookie sheet or pan without greasing or flouring. In fact, you can get all the benefits of silicone without using a silicone pan. The heat is distributed evenly when a baking mat is used and the cookies and baked goods slide right out of the pan.
While the Silpat baking mat heats up quickly in the oven, it cools down just as fast outside of the oven. Of course, the baking sheet and pan will still be hot, but you can reduce the heat absorbed into the pan when you use a silicone baking mat. It is a great lesson to teach your children about how different baking materials affect the outcome of your cooked foods.
Removing the baked goods from a pan with a Silpat baking mat is simply a matter of sliding the foods off. It is so simple that your children will be able to do it with ease. Using silicone bakeware is also easy for children to remove the final product from the pan. Show them the twist and slide motion that will expel the food from the pan all in one neat clean motion.
The latest technology in bakeware makes baking so easy that you will spend more time enjoying the foods that you create than you will cleaning up the mess. Cleaning a pan after using a Silpat baking mat is as easy as wiping down the pan with a damp cloth. The mat should not be scoured, but there is no need as the baked goods generally come off in one piece.
Spend some time in the kitchen with your children creating delicious baked goods. Bake dozens of cookies without greasing a single pan. The next time your child needs a few dozen cookies for a party at school, put them to work with you. It is a great lesson that your children will carry with them for the rest of their lives.
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