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How do silicone products pass LFGB / FDA quality

by:Invotive     2020-04-04
With the prevalence of silicone products, the quality requirements for silicone products have naturally become higher. In particular, some exported silicone products have very strict requirements and need to undergo some tests and provide test reports, such as: LFGB / FDA and so on. So how do silicone products manufacturers pass the LFGB, FDA quality inspection of silicone products? Let me talk about how to make silicone products pass LFGB, FDA inspection methods: After the LFGB test (the FDA test is relatively easy), the silicone products generally use gas-phase adhesive plus double two five (higher requirements plus platinum). 1. Silicone products generally need to be subjected to secondary sulfurization for 8 hours. 2. If the conditions permit, the second sulfur addition is 6 hours, then the water is boiled for 4 hours, and then the second sulfur addition is continued for 2 hours. Test considerations: 1. After treatment, the silicone products should be wrapped with tin foil for the first time. Avoid contact with the air after handling, because the adsorption of silicone products will absorb water molecules in the air and affect the test results. 2. Due to the material of silica gel, the test of olive oil solvent is difficult to pass, especially the silica gel products with color added. The above-mentioned methods for silicone products to pass LFGB and FDA quality inspection are for reference only. Contact us for more quality silicone products.
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