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How to determine the quality of baby silicone products

by:Invotive     2020-04-03
Everyone knows that silicone is more prone to dust due to its material. Therefore, in design, in addition to aesthetics, we must also consider his dust-proof. For example, the prosperous silicone baby bottle takes dust protection into consideration and makes a part of the bottle frosted; this not only guarantees the beauty of the product, but also takes care of the dust protection of the product; How to identify the quality of baby silicone products can be identified by the following aspects: 1. Feeling silicone is a kind of material with human skin-like feel. A good silicone bottle is better at first. When feeding the baby, the baby often holds the bottle and milk with a small hand; a good touch not only helps the baby's emotional stability, but also helps the baby's emotional intelligence development, which is also incomparable with other materials.   2. Convenience Silicone baby bottle is the same as other baby bottles, except for its better performance; it must be convenient and practical to use. That is: it must be convenient to disassemble and be universal, and it can be used interchangeably with other pacifiers and baby bottles. Some silicone baby bottles are now disassembled and disassembled, which is not very practical: install a card slot between the silicone and the plastic cover in the middle. Set card patterns and more. A baby bottle is a daily product, so the most important thing is to be practical and convenient. How to identify silicone products 1. Real silicone rubber If the surface layer is not specially treated, it will feel smoother to the touch, because there will be a layer of grease-like substance on the surface layer 2. The fake silicone rubber belt is easy to deform, while the real silicone rubber will feel good rebound, and the permanent deformation will be small. You cut off the silicone a little bit and burn it with fire. If it won't catch the open flame, it will only emit white smoke and sparks, and the white powder that is burned out is not silicone. The odor may also be silicone, but the vulcanizing agent they use has problem. 3, the surface of silicone rubber is easy to stick to dust, hair and other light impurities. 4, good silica gel No odor, does not soften and discolor when heated. 5, you cut off the silicone a little bit and burn it down. The fake silicone rubber wristband is black after burning. The fake silicone rubber burns in flames, smoke is black, and has a foul odor. But really silica gel, no matter what color the burning edge of the silica gel is white, and the burning residue is powder. And the real silicon rubber wristband is like carbon burning, and the flame is even. White smoke and tasteless.   Look at the elasticity of silicone products. High-quality silicone products have good elasticity. The silicone material itself has good abrasion resistance, so the surface of the silicone product has the ability to resist losses. Generally speaking, high-quality silicone products will not erase the surface text, color, etc. due to external factors. In contrast, the text, characters, and logo on the surface of inferior silicone products are easier to drop. High-quality silicone products are bright in color, non-sticky on the surface, without any odor, soft and feel good.   Silicone products have high tear strength, long service life, and are not easily interfered by the external environment. Generally speaking, high-quality silicone products are not prone to cracks during the tearing process, while inferior silicone products are prone to cracks, and they will rapidly expand and crack from the cracks when stressed.   When the finished silicone rubber is subjected to the effect of alternating stress (or strain), the scene where the structure and function of the data changes is called fatigue. Following the exhaustion process, the scene that caused the silicone finished product to be damaged is called exhaustion and damage. Therefore, fatigue resistance is also one of the methods to distinguish the quality of finished silicone products.
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