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How to distinguish between food grade silicone

by:Invotive     2020-04-03
Silicone products are becoming more and more common in our lives, but a large part of people's understanding of silicone products is still on the surface, so we take you to understand the food-grade silicone products and ordinary silicone products. The so-called silica gel products are made of silica gel, and silica gel is also called silicic acid gel. It is a highly active adsorption material, which is an amorphous substance. The main component is silica, which is chemically stable. Silicone products are divided into many types according to their attributes, such as food-grade silicone, medical-grade silicone, military-grade silicone, and ordinary-grade silicone products. So how to distinguish between food grade silicone products and ordinary silicone products? To distinguish them, we must first understand them. Food-grade silicone products are made of food-grade silica gel. Food-grade silica gel is an inorganic polymer colloid material made of polysilicic acid. Cold-resistant and high-temperature resistant, it has a strong ability to absorb water without any toxic or side effects on the human body. Ordinary grade silicone products use ordinary silica gel, which has a great odor, and will appear yellow or dark lines with time. In this way, it is relatively easy for us to distinguish them. Food-grade silicone products are not white and odorless or have a slight odor. They are soft to the touch and the burnt gray is white, while ordinary silicone products are white and have very Great smell, burnt ash is black. Because the needs of different industries are different, the use of silicone products will also be different, not to mention food-grade silicone must be better than ordinary silicone, they have their own advantages.
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