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How to make Bath Soap at Home

by:Invotive     2020-07-27

Soap made at home is natural and safe. Most mass manufacturers of soap add a high quantity of artificial synthetic materials to it thereby making it harmful to the skin. Making soap at home gives you the flexibility to add the materials you want. If you're particular about the quality of materials used, you can always choose the best product available in the market. It will help you make really superior quality soap that is good for the skin. Most mass manufactured soap bars actually sell synthetic detergents in the name of soap, which causes allergies and dry skin. Soap that is good for your skin is actually made out of glycerin. If you want good quality moisturizing soap, you should try making it at home.

Things you will need:

Steps to make soap:

1.Turn on the fume and pour water into the utensil. Carefully stir in the lye into the utensil with the help of a spatula. Lye and water mixture tend to get very hot and therefore has to be handled with a lot of care.

2. Wait for the lye and water to form a homogeneous mixture and once they do, let it cool off. Pour olive oil or coconut oil or other essential oils as per your requirement into a container and put it on a flame.

3. When the mixture reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit, add in the water-lye mixture into the oil while continuously stirring with a spatula. Ensure that you keep on stirring with a spatula so that the mixture becomes consistent.

4. To ensure that the mixture is well stirred, in addition to the hand stirring, every once in a while use a beater or a blender for 30 seconds. This makes sure that the mixture is of a thick texture. It will require about 10 minutes to reach the perfect consistency.

5. Once the mixture is prepared, pour it into the molds. Add a layer of butter paper in the mold prior to pouring the mixture so that it doesn't stick to the mold. Close the mold using a lid and leave this arrangement without being disturbed for another 12 hours.

6. The soap will now be completely cool and it will fall off the mold easily. If you want the soap to be further cut to smaller pieces, feel free to do so at this point.

7. Put the soap on brown paper and leave it in a place that has good air circulation. This is required for the soap to cure. Leave this setting for another 4 weeks and once the curing process is finished, the soap is ready to be used.

Some oils are used for becoming bubbly while some other oils are better for conditioning your skin. When it comes to using oils, the best mixture for beginners is 30% coconut oil, 40% olive oil and 30% palm oil. This will give you a good quality bubbly and cleansing soap. When you're familiar with the process, you can add aromatic and essential oils too for nice aromatic soap!

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