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Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors That Are Fast, Fun

by:Invotive     2020-07-11
Baby Showers may be one of the most fun celebrations to attend, but when you are hosting a shower for a loved one, you want to ensure that it is a memorable one. The best way that I can suggest doing this is to wow your attendees with a favor that will go down in the history books. So, with that in mind, I started to weigh out my options and take inventory of my means. The guest list stood at a strong 60. I knew that if I went a route that would involve purchasing individual favors... this could get costly! Naturally, then the next route, or the only route left is to create the favors myself. Truthfully, with a little creativity and the right supplies your baby shower favors will be fabulous!
Homemade creations are always heartfelt and memorable. This is a perfect theme for any baby shower since babies are homemade creations too!
I did spend a little time searching out the perfect fragrance oils. What I was hoping to find was a fragrance that would truly embrace a newborn baby, maybe something that had a note of baby powder in it. My top picks (and also the fragrance oils that I suggest for anyone else making baby shower favors) are:
1. Newborn Baby Fragrance Oil
2. Baby Powder Fabuloso Fragrace Oil
3. Bedtime Baby Bath Fragrance Oil
After a little investigation, I was now set on my fragrance oils. The next step was to decide what exactly the favors were going to be. Considering that all of the fragrance oils that I selected were body safe, the options were: melt and pour soap bars, lotions, body sprays, solid perfumes, bath gel, incense, or candles. Since I wanted to ensure that everyone would love and have a use for their favors, I decided that the melt and pour soap would be the best route to take. This is considering that many of the guests on the list have children, and soap is something that everyone uses.
It is always wise to review any customer's comments on new products before purchasing. So, I read through several of the customer reviews. What I was looking for is a soap base that not only performs with a nice lather but also does not sweat. From my research the natural goat's milk melt and pour soap was going to be the best bang for my buck. Everyone just seems to rave about how nice their skin feels after they use it. I was sold!
I really wanted my favors to stand out, so although I was pretty set on just making a normal soap bar, I thought that I would give the embed and soap molds a super quick glance. I am sure happy that I did! I found several adorable baby and kid themed molds that were perfect for the occasion. I ended up finding 3, just to mix it up a little. My selections were:
1. Ba Ba Sheep mold
2. Little Prince mold
3. Noah Ark mold
When it was all said and done, each favor cost me about a dollar per person. I could not have been happier. In all, it took about a weekend to make all of the favors. My three year old daughter loved the fact that she was Mommy's little helper, and we were able to have a lot of fun together.
The party was a huge success. All of the attendees loved their favors. There was not a single favor left over. In fact even the favors for people who ended up not making the shower were snagged up. My mommy-to-be sister was so elated that she got one of each style before they were all gone. She claims that the next shower she hosts will surely have these favors! I was really impressed as to how well the favors were received, how easy they were to make, and how affordable they were, I just had to share it!

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