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Is the quality of liquid silica gel the main reason

by:Invotive     2020-04-02
How did the silicone products come Liquid silicone manufacturers provide liquid silicone raw materials, which are produced by the silicone products factory. After these two processes, silicone products are displayed in front of people. However, some silicone products have a lack of elasticity, which seriously affects their lifespan; such a situation is caused by a problem with the materials provided by the liquid silicone factory. Is it still an omission in the production process of the silicone product factory There are the following reasons for this problem 1. The formula and quality of the raw materials can directly affect the products manufactured by the silicone products manufacturers, resulting in poor resistance, reduced rebound rate, etc., but also determine the manufacturing formula of the raw materials and additives based on the function and softness of the product. Features! 2. Excessive stress, especially the long-term cyclical use in some machinery industries, which leads to excessive lifting frequency and excessive force, leading to the function reaching its limit, and the life will gradually gradually decrease overnight. 3. Improper use leads to a decline in function. In some common and same models, they are used side by side and the two forces are different. Maybe the different environments will lead to fatigued use of silicone products and reduce life! 4. Manufacturing problems of silicone products manufacturers. During the manufacturing process, the hardness of the raw materials is estimated due to the mixing of the vulcanizing agent and the vulcanization temperature, pressure, and time to the molding die may affect the elasticity and other functions of the silicone product. . It cannot be said unilaterally that there is a problem in a single aspect. There may be problems with the liquid silicone raw materials. There may also be negligence in the silicone product factory. The environment and temperature will affect the elasticity of the product. Therefore, many aspects are considered.
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