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Is there any third party doing silicone ice cube tray quality test?
With the brand becoming more and more popular,Dongguan Invotive Plasitc Product Co.,Ltd 英文全称: has been cooperating with a trustworthy third party to carry out the quality test. To be able to ensure the quality of silicone ice cube tray , our trusted third party will perform the production process based on the tenet of justice and equity. A third-party test plays a significant part in providing us clear quality evaluation about our product, which will inspire us to perform better in the upcoming future.

DongguanInvotive Plasitc Product Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of silicone bowl in China, and owns the sub-company to produce. Invotive Plasitc's silicone bag is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Invotive square silicone mold is designed in an ergonomic way. The design is strictly carried out based on principles of biomechanical comfort, human body weight distribution, arch support, and various foot shapes. It uses eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. Invotive has established a perfect process and quality management system from research and development to production. The product is very easy to store.

We never stop assuming social responsibility. We attach equal importance to world development. We will try to readjust our industrial structure and promote a sustainable development plan. So, in this way, we can make a positive impact on the earth.
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