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Make Your Wedding Invitations Stand Out With These

by:Invotive     2020-07-26

Anyone who has ever been married will say that theirs was the most unique among all the weddings. This may not be totally true, but it is very possible. Everyone wants their wedding to be unforgettable and wedding invitations that stand out will make people stop and take notice.

Choose a shape that is non-traditional. A lot of men think that an invitation is just an invitation so just send off a squarish or rectangular shaped invitation. Today, that is no longer an option. A uniquely designed and shaped invitation is something that not easily forgotten.

There was an invitation sent to someone I know which was made of handmade paper that turned out to be the hobby of the bride. It was made of grass and glitter material which she fashioned herself and sent off to the printers. The unique look of grass and glitter caught the attention of even the printer that they insisted she make some for them in the future, after the wedding chaos of course. This has become a business for them now.

The color of the invitation will indicate the color theme of the wedding itself. Traditionally, if the color is pink then the guests will be expected to wear something that reflects pink. Colors make the wedding complete as it reflects the personality of the bride to be.

Some wedding invitations are very unique in that they could be practical as well. There are some wedding invitations that need a special light to be read, there are some that can be folded and become baskets, there are others that come like a box and when opened, reveal the details to the wedding. Some simply send them over as an email for far away friends and relatives who may not receive the actual invitation in time.

There are so many invitations that have been carefully thought and planned out but just end up getting thrown in the trash because it is just a piece of paper. How about sending invitations that are keepsakes as well? Make them into magnets for the fridge, or how about pillow cases? There are some enterprising brides who can sew well and make their invitations come out like crocheted Christmas ornaments which can be hung on the tree of the recipient.

Glycerine soaps can be melted down in the microwave and poured into molds. Halfway through, carefully place a back to back printed paper wit details of the wedding, then carefully cover with more glycerine. This will surely surprise the guest and make them use the soap as well. If not, then the soap will be a sure collectible.

There are so many ways to make an invitation impress your guests. Go online for ideas that you may be able to apply for your invitations. Attractive and unique invitations will make your invited guests not forget to attend and have fun on that unforgettable day.

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