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Pamper Your Furry Friends With The Pet ZZZ Pad

by:Invotive     2020-07-24

Every pet owner know that Fido and Fluffy have a penchant for sleeping in warm cozy places. Whether that means snuggling with you at night on the sofa or curling up next to a warm radiator, animals love the soothing comfort of heat and will seek it out no matter the season. But for pet owners who don't necessarily want their dogs and cats on their furniture, a good solution is to provide their pets with their own personal warm place to rest. As seen on TV, the Pet-ZZZ-Pad is the perfect solution to pamper your furry friends with a bed that is comfortable for them and convenient for you.

The American Kennel Club & Cat Fanciers Association branded Pet-ZZZ-Pad is a unique bed mat that acts as a heating pad that is turned on and off when your pet makes or breaks contact with it. The pad automatically turns on with your pet's first step and molds to the shape of his body once he settles in. The pad features a flexible design that fits in most spaces and can even be placed inside existing pet beds for added warmth. It is made of plastic and nylon and is water resistant with a surface that just wipes clean. The outside cover is removable and machine washable. The Pet-ZZZ-Pad also has a reinforced chew resistant cord casing to protect it from pets who like to chew wires. This bed comes in a 12-inch size for pets under ten pounds and a 16-inch size for bigger animals.

Not only is a heated sleeping area more comfortable for your cat or dog, but it's also essential for kittens, puppies and older pets where cold, drafty conditions can exacerbate physical issues of youth or old age. For the younger pet, a heated bed like the Pet-ZZZ-Pad can help ease the animal's transition from the litter to his adoptive home. Some kittens and puppies have a hard time adjusting when they are first taken away from their mother and siblings. They go from the warmth of nursing with their kin to being alone in a very short period of time, which can be quite traumatic. The Pet-ZZZ-Pad can help prevent nights of whimpering or whining by providing a warm, comforting place that is similar to the nurturing environment of the litter.

For older pets, the Pet-ZZZ-Pad 's contour molded padding and 102 degree heat can provide needed respite from arthritis and joint pain. Like humans, as pets get older, they too experience muscle and joint stiffness and the aches and pains that come with aging. For pets that have difficulty climbing stairs, walking or jumping, the Pet-ZZZ-Pad is a soothing place for them to relax their sore bodies. Perfect for animals with decreased mobility, the Pet-ZZZ-Pad is flat, so there is no stepping or jumping up involved. The contour molded padding also envelopes their bodies, providing comfort similar to being wrapped in a warm blanket.

Another benefit to the Pet-ZZZ-Pad is that it gives pets a safer option for a warm place to sleep than some of their regular household napping destinations. For example, it is not uncommon to find kitty curled up in a ball next to a radiator, but depending on your house's heating system, a radiator that gets too hot can burn sensitive paws and noses. Some cats have even been known to crawl into a warm dryer of laundry which is another potentially disastrous situation.

While pets understandably love the soft warmth of the Pet-ZZZ-Pad , owners will love it too, as they get to reclaim their couch and bed once and for all. No more cat hair on your pillow or dirt tracked onto your sofa now that your pooch has his own place to park himself for a cat nap. Heck, the Pet-ZZZ-Pad is so comfy, you'll probably wish they made one for people too! Better still is the fact that this bed is sturdy and easy to maintain. Just toss the removable cover in the washing machine and wipe down the plastic pad with some soap and water. It is as easy as 1-2-3 to keep the Pet-ZZZ-Pad just like new.

Most people consider their pets to be part of their family. These days, it is not at all uncommon for dogs to be spoiled with everything from couture clothing to daily walkers. Meanwhile, cats get fancy collars, towering cat trees and unrequited devotion from their humans. But while these luxuries are supposedly for the animals themselves, they really are more to please the owner who sees these lavish gifts as expressions of their love for Felix and Spot.

If pets could talk, their needs would be simple: food, water, love from their human and a warm place to sleep. So if you want to bestow upon your pet a gift he will truly appreciate, the Pet-ZZZ-Pad is the way to go so both you and Fido can get a good nights sleep without fighting over the pillow.

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