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Sell Handmade Soap And Turn Soap To Cash

by:Invotive     2020-07-23

You can sell handmade soap at a profit if you discover about a few things to get you in motion. Don't kid yourself though. There are soap makers on every corner trying to sell soap and with varying levels of success ranging from a lot to nonexistent. Is there any way to sell soap with all the choices people have? Can you really make money with handmade soap? Read on to learn some tricks to get you going.

Trick 1-- Soap can and should be somewhat unique. Can you name 5 reasons why handmade soap is better than grocery store soap? You should be able to. How about this? Can you name 5 ways your soap is different from your friend who sells soap too? Maybe yours isn't different. But, it could be. Marketing people call that a 'USP' or 'unique selling proposition.' Make your product different and better. It truly can be done and must be done for you to have the best chance of moving soap in volume.

Trick 2-- Accent differences about your situation. Where do you live? What's unique to your area? Does a certain herb grow well there?Could you make that herb or scent a signature soap? Can you make organic handmade soap? Organic material certainly make for a difference in soaps. What about an unique package? How about milk based soap? What about just olive oil soap? How about bar shampoo as a specialty? Skies the limit, but make it unique and that way nobody else quite has what you do and thus you are the only source.

Trick 3-- Get where the customers are. Put yourself in front of people who want to buy. Where's that? Try a local festival or fair or flea market or a craft show... There are large gathering where people bring money and come to buy. Get in there and try. It may be tricky to get in, but there are ways to learn about that. What you get from large crowds of shoppers may be more than meets the eye...

Trick 4-- You can sell right from home. Here's how. Customers from your direct contacts have more value than what they just bought from you. Here's how... Follow up with every customer. Make sure they have your little brochure telling what you have. Build good products and they will reorder. Soap gets used up and it's fairly cheap. Everybody uses soap. They will call or they will send you back an order form and reorder. There's more too. You can do a mailing of a little catalog and get a huge percentage of orders from a mailing. Web sites work too as a great follow-up tool.

Trick 5-- Start small. No manufacturing business is much easier to start than a soap business. Just use your hobby supplies. Get the right tools, like molds and cutters, to make a professional looking product. Other than that, don't spend much to start. Start small and grow from profits. No business is much easier to start than a soap business. With just a few hobby supplies you can get going. The trick is to quickly get in front of a crowd of people who want to buy. Sell a premium product and you will get follow-up business. That's how you build a real home business and sell homemade soap like crazy.

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