10 years development experience

We have many making many design of silicone coaster ,silicone trivet ,silicone pot holder for different customers , the silicone coaster or trivet were Eco-friendly non-toxic silicone. It is Big enough for put any glass, bottle, mug, pitcher, tumbler or cup. It will be very stable , The silicone coasters Can be used on any table type: wood, granite, glass, bamboo plastic, soapstone, sandstone, marble, stone tables. Save your tabletop, office desk or bedside furniture from nasty glass marks. The top grade silicone will never leave a mark on your table's surface. Perfect indoor and outdoor patio absorbent coasters.

Our silicone coaster is non-slip , so your drinking glass will never slide. Drink your favorite alcohol, liquor or other beverage - beer, wine, whiskey, tropical cocktail, ice water, coke soft drink, coffee, tea or hot chocolate safe every day with these modern soft silicone coasters.

The silicone coaster&trivet is  DISHWASHER SAFE & HEAT-RESISTANT - 100% odor-free. Wash the coasters by hand or throw them in the dishwasher. Cleaning has never been easier. Use for hot and cold drinks at home, wedding, party, bar, pub or restaurant. Premium dining/drinking accessories with a classy look. We welcome your custom silicone trivet  design !


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