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The silicone finger caps were used for prevent burns on fingers when working with a hot glue gun, protect your fingers while ironing doll clothes, fabric and other small pieces, great protection for fingers when sewing, knitting, starting tapestry project etc. Works well for other stringed instruments, like banjo, mandolin, ukulele,etc.Plastic finger thumb picks covers,make sound more full, more real,didn't grinding your finger.

The silicone Finger protectors: made of good quality silicone, non-stick, heat resistant, with anti-slip dots on the surface for you to hold objects firmly; 3 different sizes help accommodate different sizes fingers, fit most people. The silicone finger protectors were very Easy to clean: washable and reusable, use soap and water to clean them, then wipe dry for use next time. It is not only protect your fingers from pain, but also enhance the flexibility of your fingers as they are soft. A great "transitional tool" for beginners or those who may play infrequently

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