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Silicone Grease Manufacturers - Know The Different

by:Invotive     2020-07-17
Silicone grease offered by silicon grease manufacturers is produced by combining silicon oil with thickening agent, such as amorphous fumed silica. The waterproof lubricant exists in the form of translucent white viscous paste. The thick lubricant can stick to a variety of surfaces without running off quickly.
The lubricant is used in many industrial products, which contain rubber. It is used to lubricate the rubber parts. Silicon grease offered by reliable grease manufacturers has become popular because it does not contain any chemicals, which can damage the rubber parts. The grease also prevents the rubber parts from swelling or softening, in case of heat application.
This waterproof lubricant provides excellent protection against harsh environmental conditions and moisture. It remains stable while operating at high temperatures. The lubricant supports a wide range of temperature, -40 to 400 A�C.
The lubricant is also applied to equipment, which contain metal components that grind against each other. It prevents metals, such as steel and aluminum from rusting and corroding. The grease is usually applied with the help of a grease gun. It can be also applied with a rag or cloth to larger areas.
This lubricant is usually does not have any harmful effects on humans or pets. So, it can be safely used in household items. Some common household products, which contain this grease, are light bulbs, flashlights and fountain pens. Some household metal items, which can be repaired by the grease, are shower heads and door hinges.
Silicon grease offered by silicon grease manufacturers have a wide range of applications including:
Industrial applications: The lubricant is used to lubricate and preserve parts, such as O-rings. Further, it is combined with thermal conductive fillers to produce thermal grease. Special versions of the lubricant is used is plumbing industry. They are used in faucets and seals. The grease is also used in dental equipment.
Chemical laboratory applications: Silicones are usually assumed to be chemically inert. The lubricants manufactured by reputed grease manufacturers are also used in chemical laboratories. They are used as temporary sealant for interconnecting ground glass joints, which are used in laboratory glassware.
As an electrical insulator: Silicon grease produced by reliable grease manufacturers is also used as dielectric (non-conductive) grease. It acts as an electrical insulator. It does not increase the flow of electrical current. The grease is often applied to electrical connectors, which contain rubber gaskets. The dielectric grease is also used in connections associated with spark plugs.
The water repellent property of this lubricant makes it an ideal choice to be used with water fittings, pipes and stop taps.
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