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Silicone Oven Mitts - A Safer Kitchen Starts With

by:Invotive     2020-04-06
How can a pair of silicone oven mitts feature for safety in our humble kitchen? The kitchen is the most potentially dangerous place in the home. With heat, electricity, water and consumables all in one, usually small, space, disasters lurk behind every nook and kitchen top. Homemakers take special care in the planning and decorating of this space because of this unique consideration. Placement of the stove and fridge are key to electric consumption. The oven is given attention due to the heat it generates and cutlery and cooking utensils are usually sharp, hard magnets for accidents. With all these, it can be an overwhelming challenge, keeping a kitchen safe. But take a deep breath. Start small. Start with the most used tool in the kitchen: your hands. Quilted cotton mitts are obsolete monkey wrenches with their bulk and how they constrict your movement and lessen your grip and control. Pick up a good pair of silicone oven mitts to protect your hands against heat, ensuring you don't scald yourself or lose your hold of a piping hot skillet, injuring yourself or your little kitchen helper daughter. Silicone oven mitts need to be non-toxic and heat resistant. Ask about the amount of heat they suppress and if they're dishwasher safe. Try them out for the fit and the flexibility so that you have full use of your hands and have maximum control when handling pans and pots. good silicone oven mitts also have an economic and culinary advantage: good chefs use steel handle pans for easy transfer from the stove to the oven and these are generally cheaper and better made than the plastic handled ones that can break or brittle up after some years. These mitts also improve grip thanks to the material and raised ridges as well as offer better coverage than square quilted pads. They protect your hand up to your forearms with stain resistant, waterproof technology that can be cleaned through a simple rinse or through a trip to the dishwasher. Completely non-porous, they offer higher resistance to heat and are less temperature conducting than quilted mitts, which can retain heat for a time and thus reduce their insulating capability. If you're concerned about safety, grab a pair of high quality silicone oven mitts for efficient protection without compromising control and ease of use. Start with that basic yet essential safety precaution and the kitchen may again be your safe yet creative heaven to amaze and delight your family with your culinary masterpieces.
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