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Silicone Soap and Candle Mold Advice - 5 Quick

by:Invotive     2020-07-16
Many soap and candle silicone mold makers are attracted to flexible, soft silicone, but it comes with a steep price. Don't let the price tag scare you away from using these styles of molds.
Besides being easy for a mold maker to use, the benefits of flexible silicone are passed on to the candle and soap maker. The softness of silicone allows the fine details of a design to be captured. This in turn helps the candle and soap maker professionally define their candle or soap style. The flexibility of silicone allows soaps and candles to roll out of the mold unscathed and flawless. The candle and soap maker can continue their business without the frustrations of wrestling with a difficult mold.
What does that mean for a candle and soap maker? It means more time to provide good customer service, getting orders mailed out efficiently and less stress.
Even though you pay a lot up front for a silicone mold, it works out in the end. You can get many pours out of one mold, but you have to care for them properly to make them last.
5 Tips to help care for your silicone molds and make them last:

Do not pile your silicone molds on top of each other. This warps the mold warps and deforms the design inside. Once it warps you cannot straighten it out.
If you plan to store the mold for awhile pour wax into the mold to help maintain its shape. This tip works well for seasonal molds, for example, Christmas and Easter.
Store molds in a cool dry place. They break down fast in humidity.
Do not cut or pierce the design in the mold. It starts a tear in the mold and shortens the shelf life.
You can clean your silicone mold in luke warm water with dish soap. Dry your mold well and do not store wet.
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