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Silicone tube temperature range is much
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Silicone tube temperature range is much


Silicone tube temperatures range? This is a question a lot of people who use silicone tubing concerns, especially those in use at the time and health related products. For example, a child's bottle, soybean milk, coffee maker, will use the silicone tube. Common people will worry that such a high temperature, then the hot water, silicone tube will not afford, it will not happen some small chemical reaction, resulting in damage to health. From the consumer's point of view, people are so worried about normal, but you can rest assured that you are worried about these issues in the regular manufacturers of silicone tube is not going to happen.
With the development of technology, and now the use of temperature silicone tube occurs which changes constantly, in a further expansion of the range, but now they have to use silicone tube temperature of -40 ℃ ~ 300 ℃。 After quality silicone tube will be more high range will also be more extensive.