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Soap Molds - From Simple To Fancy

by:Invotive     2020-07-10
In order to make a bar of soap there are a few pieces of equipment you will need. One of the more prominent ones are the soap molds that will be used to pour your mixture in, that will give the end product its shape. When choosing among soap molds there are many things to consider, including ease of use and price. Here you will learn about some of the basic alternatives, including some very basic and cheap ones you can make yourself.
If you want to make cold processed soap you will need a mold. There's no escaping that. How fancy you want your homemade soap to look will dictate what kind of mold you want to use. Some people spend quite a bit of cash on obtaining commercially manufactured ones available in all kinds of sizes and shapes. While others have invented simple yet effective do it yourself solutions.
Cheap homemade molds
One approach to soap molds is to simply reuse a suitable container you have in your home. When you are first getting started with homemade soap this is a very good idea, as it requires no investment upfront. Some kind of plastic lined cardboard will serve the purpose nicely, as the requirements include the soap not sticking to the material and the ease of use in which you can cut the solidified soap into suitable pieces.
Many people find old milk and juice cartons to work very well, especially the smaller sizes. However, you could also experiment with molds meant for making cup cakes or candy. I have also seen an example of using an old Pringles tube in order to produce a round shaped soap.
If you want re-usable molds one option would be to make them from flexible polymer clay. You simply make an impression in the kind of shape you are trying to achieve.
If you browse around online, you will no doubt find a whole host of novel and interesting ideas and even video tutorials from fellow soap makers.
Commercial molds for that special look
Then you can of course always by pre-made, commercial molds for your soap making. As this craft has become rather popular these days you can get them in virtually any shape you want. In fact novelty molds have become very popular as well, and you can find ones to match both mood and season. You could even have custom made molds created exactly like you want them. Common materials used for these more professional molds are wood, plastic, heavy duty vinyl, silicone etc.
Depending on material used and just how original they are, commercial molds can of course be relatively pricey. However, if you keep your eyes peeled for seasonal promotions and other sales you may be able to pick up a whole set of them at more affordable prices.
Compared to the cheap home made version one advantage of the commercial soap molds is of course that they can be used time and time again. Simply let them soak in warm water after making each batch of soap.

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