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Take Special Care Of Leather Jacket

by:Invotive     2020-07-22

If you have decided to wash a leather jacket at home because professional cleanings are very expensive, I suggest you take some special trick because the leather is one of the most delicate and difficult to clean materials.

Before you wash a leather jacket at home, it is always good practice to check the label, which usually shows both signs for the washing, so that the jacket in question doesn't get damaged due to cleaning. So carefully check the label before washing it.

There are many types of skin and each requires special treatment. There are also ecological leather garments that have nothing to hide and therefore deserve separate treatment. If what you want is to wash a biker leather jacket, it could be enough get over a simple sponge soaked with water and mild soap. Once dry, you can rub with cleansing milk, the one that is normally used to clean the face.

If it is a more delicate leather jacket, such as a suede jacket, you can always use a wet sponge in water, but slightly squeezed. To prevent the leather from being damaged, particularly if mild, try switching the sponge first in a hidden corner or inside jacket, after which if there is no strange 'reactions' go ahead with the rest.

If the label of your jacket could clearly discourages contact with the water, in these cases a spray that does not contain water may come to your help. In the market there are specific products for cleaning the leather jackets for men and women, such as gels, creams and oils for spreading with a brush and allowed to absorb, there are also special polishes to be applied with a cloth and spray cleaning and sanitizing. I recommend that you should always opt for natural products without silicone, easily removed by washing.

If your leather jacket has a spot you'd better act now before it is fixed crystallizing in the interstices of the skin. In these cases you can use a damp cloth to wipe the stain in question, rinse and let dry at room temperature. They area treated in this way which could also stiffen, but do not worry, it's normal. If it's a suede jacket, you can brush with a nylon brush and gently manipulate the affected area.

After you are committed to wash the leather jacket at home, special attention should also be paid to 'drying'. If the jacket is smooth let it dry naturally at room temperature, without forcing it to dry, approaching the head of a radiator or using a hair dryer. As the drying is completed your jacket may appear a bit 'stiff, but with vigorous brushing the softness return for ever.

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