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Usage Of Silicon Soap Molds And Cake Soap

by:Invotive     2020-07-11
Silicon soap molds
The basic requirement to make soap anywhere, at home or at factory is a good soap mold. These molds give size, shape and finish to the soap prepared. Earlier ceramic soap molds were available in the market at a very large scale. Ceramic molds cannot sustain high temperatures and tend to crack down on facing heat. To overcome this disadvantage of ceramic molds, silicon molds were developed which can sustain very high temperatures and provide better results than the ceramic molds.
Many other soap mold materials are also available but the silicon soap mold is considered to be the best in preparing soap. These molds are made up silicon material and are easy to use and maintain. Different sizes, shapes of silicon molds are available and one can buy them according to their requirements and choice. Soap is easy to extract using a silicon mold and such molds provide better finishing to the soap.
While choosing a silicon mold a user must take care of the size of the mold. One must not go for too small soap mold as it is hard to extract soap from small molds and small soaps finish off very fast and are not economical. An average sized mold is always preferable. For better results and preparation, silicon molds are recommended over other soap molds.
Cake soap
cake soap has a Jamaican origin and it is basically used as a detergent bar which contains bleach. It is a solid, blue coloured detergent bar mainly used in Jamaica. It is supposed to make the tone of skin bit lighter. It acts as bleach. As it can change the tone of skin many people use cake soap to gain fairness over the constant use of it over skin. Bleach is quite harmful for skin and may cause various skin diseases or allergies. Cake soaps do not have any anti-allergic or anti-bacterial effects. Many skin diseases and hair diseases are caused due to the excessive use of bleach or cake soap with bleach. It does not have any soothing effect on skin.
However, these days many soap producing companies have come up with a non-bleaching cake soap which is much safer to use than the traditional ones containing bleach.
Along with personal care, cake soaps are also used as laundry detergent in many parts of the Indian subcontinent. It can be purchased at very cheap rates and are quite affordable to the common man.

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