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Vinyl Siding And Siding Maintenance

by:Invotive     2020-07-19

If you are thinking of replacing the siding of your home, consider vinyl siding. This type is becoming more popular because of its reasonable price, the availability of various designs, durability, and ease of maintenance.

Traditional materials for siding are wood, aluminium, and concrete. While each of these have their signature look, vinyl can be made to appear like any of them. And none of those materials can match the versatility of vinyl as a siding material.

But if you want the utmost in durability, aluminium siding is in order. This is most appropriate for coastal areas wherein the combination of sea breeze and aluminium will form a durable aluminium oxide on the surface of the siding. There is no question about the durability of aluminum when used as siding. At the same time unlike vinyl siding, it is fire resistant.

Siding Maintenance

Regular inspection and cleaning is required to maintain the integrity of your siding regardless of the material used. Aluminium and vinyl are among the easiest to maintain. They are unlike wood, which require regular treatment for weather and insect proofing. Cleaning of vinyl and aluminium siding requires mere soap and water. Use a long hose and a wet brush for convenience. Chlorine bleach may be used to remove mildew.

After cleaning, thorough inspection can be done. Since it's clean, it will be easier to spot nicks and cracks. These should immediately be remedied by using the appropriate sealant. Failure to do so may result in moisture affecting the interior of the abode. These small openings also allow unwanted dust mites and molds to enter the building, which may cause allergies to sensitive inhabitants.

Large and major siding damage should be handled by professionals. Especially if you do not have the knowhow and equipment, this type of repair should not be attempted. It may do more harm than good, and you will end up spending more. For this purpose, siding estimates from professional contractors can be obtained from websites.

After a few years, vinyl and aluminium siding have a tendency to lose their luster. Some homeowners paint their siding to attain a brand new look. For aluminium siding, acrylic latex paint is advised due to its superior adhesion property. As far as vinyl is concerned, oil-based paints should not be used.

Getting Professional Help

Siding replacement and major repair will definitely require the service of a professional contractor. However, inspection, cleaning, minor repair, and painting may be done on a do-it-yourself basis. Of course this presupposes that you have the time and the necessary knowhow.

But there are those who have hectic schedules, and they just cannot make the time for this activity regardless of how important it is. Or some have very little skill and patience when it comes to home improvements. For these individuals, professional assistance is the best option, and there are several contractors suited for this task.

For this purpose, quotations may be obtained from the internet for specific services from siding contractors within your vinyl siding. You will just have to fill out an online form, and you will be sent a quotation from up to four contractors.

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