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What are the benefits and advantages of common

by:Invotive     2020-03-30
Use of silicone coaster 1. High temperature resistance and low temperature resistance, can be used in any season. 2, oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean. 3. It is made by the hydraulic molding process, the production process is safe and hygienic, and it is made of silicone, which is more safe and environmentally friendly than products of other materials; 4. The product has good flexibility, it is not easy to change the shape, it is firm, and it does not deform even if it is pinched; 5. Silicone coaster is easy to carry, easy to clean, and always bright and beautiful. Now silicone products are becoming more and more popular, and their applications are becoming more and more widespread! The main advantage of silicone materials is environmental protection. The quality of silicone coasters is also environmentally friendly. For use as tableware coasters, it has also reached the Food Safety Agency inspection. standard. Therefore, you don't need to worry about using this aspect. Compared with other materials, the heat insulation of silicone coasters is also very good, abrasion-resistant and long-term use. Silicone coaster is also relatively easy to clean because of its softness, and the shape can be diversified, so that every user can feel the magical feeling it brings. Silicone mats can be divided into three categories according to the unique characteristics of silicone and different application areas: such as: coasters, placemats, potholders, etc. Silicone coasters are generally used in household products, heat insulation, non-slip, creative decoration. They are made of food-grade silicone materials and can be used with various cups; The super heat insulation function can effectively protect the tabletop from being burned. The exquisite appearance can not only decorate colorful life, but also the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation; it adopts high-temperature vulcanization molding of oil press, high temperature resistance, environmental protection and non-toxic, which is the society now The most advantageous products in line with environmental protection concepts; Silicone coaster, stylish and generous, free to flip and change different shapes, can be extended to use, the scope is suitable for various cup diameters, can be safely placed on the table when enjoying hot drinks, heat-resistant temperature -40 degrees ~ 220 degrees, silicone material does not hurt the desktop ! Silicone pot mats are generally larger than silicone coasters, and they are often used in a honeycomb hollow or grid shape, which plays a good role in damping the pot. Other properties are the same as coasters. Silicone gaskets are generally used on industrial machines as buffers and fasteners for machine work, which can play the roles of anti-skid, shock-proof, anti-static, high temperature resistance, better protect the machine and reduce losses.
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