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What are the classification of silicone coasters?

by:Invotive     2020-04-09
Silicone coasters are widely used now and have a relationship with our lives. Silicone coasters are used in hotels, or in tea shops, or some dessert shops, or in some restaurants. The use of coasters is also to avoid boiling water, or Tea is too hot and not very friendly to customers, so using silicone coasters also has certain benefits, plus the price is not high, which is basically a few dollars, the wholesale price is even lower, which is also very popular with businesses One of the reasons for the welcome! !! ?Silicone coaster: Made of pure silicone. Silicone coasters are generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public eating places, and can be used as advertising accessories to enhance the image. The more important role of the silicone coaster is the heat insulation function, and it does not fade, so you can protect your furniture from damage. This is a more important function of the silicone coaster and a more practical function. Silicone coasters also have a decorative effect. Unique coasters are undoubtedly a highlight of home decoration. 1. Household coasters: In daily life, silicone mats are most commonly used to cushion cups, and have the effects of heat insulation and anti-scalding desktop! 2, kitchen bowl mat: freshly cooked or fried dishes are relatively hot, at this time the silicone bowl mat has a good heat insulation effect, will not burn the table, this silicone bowl mat has many types There are many shapes of patterned, hollowed out, cartoon, etc. 3. Silicone table mat: This table mat is not as heat-resistant as the bowl pad just now, but like a tablecloth. It is a large piece, which is mainly used to prevent people's sleeves from getting dirty and to clean the table! 4. Silicone mouse pad: The traditional mouse pad is usually made of cloth. The disadvantages are easy to dirty and not easy to clean! The silicone mouse pad solves this problem well, and the characteristics of the mouse are explained above. 5. Silicone manicure pads: Many women do nails now, and nail shops are also major shopping malls, as small as curb shops, and it is easy to drop nail polish on the pads when doing nails, and silicone nail pads are very It is easy to clean, and it is very non-slip. It will not move when making nails, and can be printed with the logos or patterns of major businesses, which can play the role of advertising its own nail shop!
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