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What causes silicone products to become 'brittle'

by:Invotive     2020-03-29
With the widespread use of silicone products, there are various silicone products that may be used in every corner of life. Although these silicone products look inconspicuous, they can also play a very important role. However, some silicone products are easy to become brittle during use. After being brittle, the silicone products can no longer be used, so many people feel very headache. In fact, the root cause of the brittleness of silicone products is: the essential reason of silicone materials, after the maximum hardness of the silicone products to 60 degrees or more, its tear resistance and elasticity will decrease linearly, resulting in silicone products become very brittle! So Want to make silicone products not so brittle, find ways to make the hardness below 60 degrees. The following is the production problem. During the production and processing of silicone products, it will be heated to a certain temperature. However, if the temperature is not controlled or the heating time is too long, the silicone products will become brittle. In addition, In the process of use and storage, it can not maintain good ventilation, or the secondary vulcanization time is too long will cause this phenomenon, and the most important thing is the material problem of the silicone product itself, if the material is not good, it can not be achieved Tear strength, so silicone products become very fragile. In addition to these, the brittleness of silicone products is also related to the design of their molds. If the mold design is unreasonable or the production structure therein is not reasonable, this may cause the silicone products to fracture the mold during production. This phenomenon really occurs, and the produced silicone products will naturally become brittle, so before production and processing, we must try to improve the processing or mold structure. This is one of the main reasons for the brittleness of silicone products. In addition, during the use, if the ambient temperature is too low or the use time is too long, aging has occurred, which will also cause the silicone products to become brittle. Said that after using the product for a period of time, it should be replaced in time.
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