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What exactly is a silicone product

by:Invotive     2020-03-28
When it comes to silicone products, many people's first reaction is similar to rubber products. In fact, the two are very different. In terms of raw materials, the early natural rubber was latex taken from plants such as rubber trees and rubber grasses. Various monomers are obtained through polymerization. On the other hand, silica gel is a kind of porous material with different particle sizes, which is formed by appropriately dehydrating a silicic acid gel. There is no claim that natural silica gel can be extracted from plants or other substances. But this does not mean that silicone and even silicone products are toxic. There are many places where silicone products are used in our daily life, such as keyboard membranes, water cups, molds, mobile phone cases, toys, remote controls, packaging materials, construction and repair of houses, high-speed km seam seals, etc. Powder puff. Some people are wondering, shouldn't silica gel be used in industry, how can it be used as a puff? Silica gel has an open porous structure, can absorb many substances, has high affinity for water molecules, and has a very small pore size. , Cleaning is also very convenient and hygienic. There are also baby pacifiers, feeding bottles, and even most mother-baby products, which are basically made of silicone. Good ductility, plasticity and aging resistance make the application fields of silicone products very wide. Moreover, as a synthetic material, the production of silica gel does not depend on existing non-renewable materials, such as petroleum and coal. This makes the cost of silicone products continue to decrease with the development of technology.
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