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What is silicone

by:Invotive     2020-04-08
For a long time since I first came into contact with the 'silicone' industry, my understanding of the word 'silicone' has been very vague. Go to the Internet for information. Some people say that silica is a hydrate, and some people say that silica is a synthetic rubber. So what is silicone?   We often refer to 'silica gel' not simply referring to the condensate of silicon dioxide, nor the siliconized synthetic rubber in the mold industry. Instead, they are called 'silica gel'. At this time, we divided 'silica gel' into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel. Inorganic silica gel is the first 'silica gel' we mentioned-silica hydrate. Silicone-containing synthetic rubber in the mold industry is called organosilicone because it contains hydrocarbon groups. However, when speaking of 'silicone rubber' in some places, it is defined as 'between organic and inorganic substances'. Many manufacturers of silicone rubber still claim that they produce silicone. But in the mold industry, the silicone we mean is usually not a hydrated silica gel. Silicone in the mold industry is usually a polysiloxane. Simply put, silicone gel is a kind of synthetic rubber in the mold industry, so emulsified silicone oil is called silicone rubber, because it contains silicon atoms, it is simply referred to as silicone gel. There are many kinds of silicone rubber in the mold industry, and the use conditions are different. In terms of product performance, there is a big gap in terms of raw materials, but in general, silicone gels (to be precise, silicone rubber) will replace rubber in the future.   What is silicone in these cases? The concept of the word is confusing, but unfortunately there is no clear concept. When we hear the term silicon dioxide, we have to figure out whether it is silicon-containing silicon dioxide or silicon-containing synthetic rubber, or ultimately inorganic or organic
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