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What to do if there are white spots and white

by:Invotive     2020-03-27
First of all, we should rule out whether the silicone mold is the problem, continue to use the current mold, and replace it with different rubber materials, such as: high tear resistance rubber material, if this method solves the white block problem, then the silicone mold can be excluded. There is a problem. After excluding the silicone mold problem and the rubber material problem, we have to find a solution to the silicone production process and silicone production equipment. To sum up: From the picture above, it is not difficult for us to see that the silicone product is trapped or trapped. After the surface is vulcanized, the interior of the product is immature, causing gas trapping to escape and white blocks. The following provides some solutions to the problem of trapped or entrained air in silicone products (for reference only): 1. The material selection problem, the rubber material may be selected too badly, the rubber material should be better for one price and one price. 2. Powder vulcanizing agent may drift during mixing, resulting in insufficient ratio of vulcanizing agent to material. 3. Return the raw materials, reduce the roller spacing, and hit the cross or triangle bag no less than 20 times; 4. After the raw materials are mixed, let them stand for more than 8 hours and then cut out the slices; 5. Increase the exhaust, or manually pry the auxiliary exhaust, or add a spring to assist the exhaust; 6. Before pressing into the mold, use a watering can to spray water on the surface of the raw material to enhance the exhaust effect; 7. If the white block has been vulcanized, try to reduce the temperature appropriately. It may be high-temperature wind, that is, the air has not been exhausted, the surface has been sulfurized, and the air can only be trapped inside; 8, vacuum machine problems, change the vacuum machine to do. The above is the solution to the problem of white spots and white spots caused by the stagnation or depression in silicone products. For more questions about silicone products, please consult us.
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