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Why silicone products can be used in the medical industry

by:Invotive     2020-03-27
Silicone is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic safety product. In today's fast-developing society, more and more products are used in the medical industry; such as silicone chest pads, medical silicone pads, silicone medical tubes, silicone adult products, etc. It has reached the medical level, and someone must have a professional question: why can silicone products be used in the medical industry? The basic reason is because of the nature of silica gel: the main component of silica gel is silica, which is stable in chemical properties and does not burn, coupled with its excellent ductility, expansion and contraction, heat resistance and aging resistance, green safety and non-toxicity. It has been widely used in medical equipment industry and other fields. Secondly, the application of silicone products in the daily necessities and electronics industries has a relatively good acceptance, and there are many applications, such as silicone water cups, silicone mattresses, silicone baby products, silicone thermal pads, etc. However, many people do not understand the application of silicone products in medical devices. In fact, there are many types of silica gel, including ordinary silica gel, edible silica gel, and medical grade silica gel. It is worth noting that ordinary grade silica gel is generally used in some industrial products, while food grade silica gel is generally used in products that come into contact with our diet. Food grade silica gel is non-toxic and tasteless, insoluble in water and any solvents, and is a highly active green product. Therefore, in our daily life, we must learn to distinguish between ordinary silicone and food-grade silicone. The medical grade silica gel is colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, softness and transparency, and has good compatibility, which can greatly reduce the incidence of rejection and distortion. There is a medical grade silicone product that everyone may know more or less. It is called a silicone prosthesis, which is generally used in cosmetic procedures, such as silicone breast augmentation, silicone prosthetic rhinoplasty, silicone prosthesis and chin. It has good biocompatibility It has little stimulus to tissues and strong plasticity. In fact, the use of silicone products in the medical industry far exceeds this, and it is also used in some human organs. As a non-degradable inert substance, it can also be used in many medical aids, such as pacemakers, heart valves, suture materials, lubricants, hypodermic needles, and the surface of syringes and blood bags.
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